Teaching Style

As a professional pianist and teacher, I adapt my teaching style to my students’ unique personalities and learning needs. I thoroughly enjoy teaching advanced musicians and beginners alike everything about playing the piano, music theory, and how they can most effectively practice and learn music.

My students play the style and era of music that they wish! I have taught a range of music from Beatles hits to Beethoven sonatas. It is so rewarding to see a new concept “click” with my students. It is that moment that I work so hard with you to achieve.

I teach a technique that reduces chances of injuries or stress, and that creates a beautiful sound. This is a necessary focus that many teachers do not spend enough or any time on; we incorporate a stress-free technique in everything you play. Along with learning the technicalities of the piano, there is a lot of music theory and history to learn that actually has a great impact on how one plays the piano. I have been trained for years in conservatories in these fields, and would love to teach anyone from the very beginning, or someone who has been playing for years that would like to start taking lessons again. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or to book a lesson!