“I have had piano lessons for a year with Saundra, and she is a fantastic piano teacher. She is motivating, friendly and of course very talented. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Nicolas T.

“Very professional, structured teaching and heaps of patience. I would recommend Saundra without hesitation.”

Peter B.

“My sons who are 6 and 7 had piano lessons with Saundra, and they enjoyed it very much. She is a fun, responsible teacher, and very good with kids.”

Sabira T.

“Piano Lessons with Saundra reminds me how an extraordinary teacher can change a life completely. My daughter, Gem, who is 7 years old was not interested in taking piano lessons. Once Saundra motivated her to play and learn songs quickly, my daughter practiced on her own and was ready for the next lesson every week. Saundra’s work will appeal to all music lovers who are young and still trying to figure out their style of music. Piano Lessons with Saundra will also touch the heart of anyone who has ever loved a teacher. She has great patience. Saundra and my daughter built a bond very quickly. It was very hard for her to say goodbye when she moved.

We are lucky we had Saundra to start us into the right direction. I highly recommend her.”

Holly G.

“I took piano lessons from Saundra for more than 6 months. She taught me how to read sheet music, and the basics of playing the piano. She is a wonderful teacher, well-versed in piano technique and music theory. She is professional, encouraging, and takes great interest in her students’ progress. She pays close attention to how her students play, and is flexible in her teaching style to make sure the students learn even the concepts they are finding difficult, all the while enjoying it.”

Sravan B.

“Saundra has been a wonderful piano teacher for my 9 years old daughter, Yar.  She is not only kind, caring, and very patient, but she truly inspired my daughter to enjoy learning and to love music.  Saundra’s passion for teaching is evident. She gently encourages frequent practice, attention to details and dynamics, in a fun and relaxed learning way, and a genuine interest in her students. My daughter has looked forward to her piano lessons each week and was practicing almost everyday for her lessons. Which is something for my daughter.

I can’t say how sorry I was to see her leave New York. But she has moved to Paris to start a new life and some very lucky young students are going to get to work with a very talented teacher. We miss you Saundra and wish you all the best.”

Gehan A.

Saundra taught my active 6 year old son for almost a year, and his progress was amazing!  Saundra is extremely patient and kind, and she found ways to teach my son so that lessons were fun, more like playing games than actual work. After a short time he was playing advanced pieces, and he actually wanted to practice at home without being asked! Saundra was always extremely encouraging, and she made my son feel like she was both a friend and a teacher.  She was also very responsive to my questions and ideas. We miss Saundra very much, and Paris is very lucky to have gained such a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Saundra for piano students of all ages, especially for your precious little ones!

Joy M., mom of 6 year old piano student

I studied piano for a bit in college but never made much headway. Saundra corrected my technique and held me accountable for my progress, and now, after our few lessons, I play more beautifully and with more ease. She is a spirited coach, an artist of the highest order, and, most importantly, a patient teacher.

Adam L.